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About Taylor-Walker

Taylor-Walker Consulting, LLC has been in business since the mid 1980's.

First known as Walker & Associates and founded by Merle LaMar Walker II, ASA, MAAA, our firm concentrated primarily on regulation services to state insurance departments. For several years we also employed financial and market conduct examiners. As such, we gained valuable experience in the governing and regulation of state insurance departments with regard to insurance companies, as well as gaining a rapport with state officials.

In 1993 the firm was purchased by Mr. R. Glenn Taylor, ACAS, MAAA, one of our partners, and the name was changed to Taylor-Walker & Associates, Inc. At that time Taylor-Walker became an actuarial-only firm. However, our actuaries still continued to support the states in performing the actuarial portion of state examinations.

During the early 1990's under Mr. Taylor's leadership, we became knowledgeable in other areas, especially in providing services to the captive insurance industry. Working both with the captive companies themselves, and state captive insurance personnel, we became one of the first actuarial firms to assist in the formation and regulation of captive insurance companies.

We continued to grow, and after 23 years under Mr. Taylor, he stepped down as President, and the business was purchased by Mr. Scott Garduno, FSA, MAAA, an actuary with the firm since 2006. All Taylor-Walker & Associates employees (including Mr. Taylor and many of the original Walker & Associates employees), continue to work for the newly named, Taylor-Walker Consulting, LLC.

We are committed to all of our client's needs, and continue to provide the same great service that we have been providing since inception to regulatory, captive, self-funded, and insurance companies.

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